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Sun Tunnel Tubular Skylights


Sun Tunnel – Tubular Skylights

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Solar Powered Night Light
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Sun Tunnel Tubular Skylights

Sun Tunnel Sizes

10″ x x x
14″ x x x x x x x x
22″ x x

Bring daylight to every corner of your home

Want to enjoy more natural light in your home, but find a skylight too big, expensive or hard to maintain,
a light tube offer a simple alternative. Also known as tubular skylights or sun tunnels, solar tubes give you an unobtrusive way to brighten the darker areas of your home with natural light.

The standard solar tube is a tube of polished sheet metal installed in the roof to channel sunlight into the house’s interior. They’re most commonly available in 10- and 14-inch-diameter sizes, which fit between standard 16-inch roof joists but also come in 22-inch sutable for larger areas or rooms with high ceilings. On the roof end of the tube is a weather-resistant acrylic cap. On the ceiling side is a round window-like opening fit with a diffuser that helps distribute the light evenly.

VELUX SUN TUNNEL skylights bring natural light into even the darkest and most isolated spaces through a specially designed tunnel that passes from roof to ceiling.

Adding a SUN TUNNEL™ skylight is a cost-effective way to add natural light to small spaces such as powder & laundry rooms, kitchenettes, hallways or other tight spaces that need a brighter, more vibrant appearance. Their low-profile design creates a sleek appearance on any roofline, and their prefabricated light tunnel makes them quick and easy to install. Not to mention, they come with a 20-year tunnel warranty.

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The NEW Velux TLR Wildfire Glass Sun Tunnel

Sun Tunnel TLR

VELUX has created a new Sun Tunnel skylight series to meet expanded wildland-urban interface (WUI) zone and Class A burning brand code requirements. The TZR and TZRL Wildfire Glass Curb-Mount Sun Tunnel Skylights achieve high-level fire resistance with flame-resistant construction and ignition-resistant tempered diamond wire glass in the standard pane.

According to VELUX, about 44 million homes, or one-third of all homes in the country, are located in WUI zones, where residential development meets undeveloped wildlands prone to fires. “The ignition-resistant wire glass on the new Sun Tunnel is designed to prevent the glass from dropping to the floor and igniting a fire inside the home,” says Ross Vandermark, director of national product management for VELUX North America. “It is a prime option for homes in WUI zones as flame-resistant construction can help preserve property.”

The new Sun Tunnels incorporate a 14-inch fixed curb-mounted skylight with an adapter for a standard 14-inch reflective aluminum tunnel. The TZR 014 model is designed for tile roofs and does not include a flashing kit. (An ECW high-profile tile flashing kit is available separately.) The TZRL 014 is made for shingle roofs and includes a shingle roof flashing kit and adhesive underlayment.

Both models include 64 inches of tunnel material, two 12-inch, 45-degree elbows, and a 16-inch top collar.

With solar tubes, you can light your home for free without the expense of skylight installation or the need to alter the look of your rooms.
Free lighting – On a sunny day, one 10-inch solar tube gives you around the same amount of light as three 100-watt bulbs. That’s enough to illuminate a 200 sq. ft. room well enough for office work or light a 300 sq. ft. room enough for less visual activities such as taking a shower or folding the laundry. With this much light, you’ll no longer have to use an electric light on sunny or even moderately cloudy days. You’ll enjoy extra convenience while saving money. If you need light at night, too, choose a solar tube model that includes an electric light or even a solar powered night light.

Design flexibility – Given their size, skylights are hard to miss when you walk into a room. Solar tubes, on the other hand, are subtle design elements that add light without calling attention to themselves. If you want to bring more light into your living room, bath room or bedroom without altering the room’s architecture, solar tubes let you do it. They also fit into smaller spaces than traditional skylights like hallways or walk in closets, making them a practical way to brighten up a small, dark area.

Additional information

Size - Diameter

10", 14", 22"


TZRL – Wildfire Glass, TGR – Low Profile, Rigid, TMR – High Profile, Rigid, TGF – Low Profile, Flex, TMF – High Profile Flex, TSR – (plastic and metal flashing), TLR – Flat Glass, Rigid, TCR – Curb Mount, Rigid

Dome Options

Acrylic, Impact 10" +$24.00, Impact 14″+$24.00, Impact 22″+$33.00, Flat Glass

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