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Velux Fixed Skylights

Velux FS Fixed Skylight

Velux FS Fixed Skylight

FS - Deck-Mounted

The VELUX Fixed Skylight is perfect for visually expanding areas in a home with daylight and sky views. With deck-mounted capabilities and no designated top, bottom, or sides, they can be installed in any direction to create just the right look. This skylight also features a maintenance-free, pre-finished white interior wood frame for a clean and classic look.

  • Available in deck and curb mounted applications
  • Pre-finished white interior wood frame
  • Aluminum or copper exterior finish, Perfect for visually expanding areas in the home.
    VELUX Fixed Deck-Mounted Skylights are an energy-efficient option that make any dark room come to life with
    daylight and sky views. As a fixed option, this skylight is an economical choice for
    enhancing the brightness and beauty of your home.

    Ideal Applications:

    Out of reach entryways, living rooms and bedrooms that can benefit
    from daylight.


  • • Clean exterior profile provides natural light without obstructing roofline
    • Versatile sizing allows for greater flexibility in positioning options
    • Seamlessly pairs with any VELUX shades for optimal light control — select
    shades can be pre-installed for free
    • Flashing kit required for NO LEAK WARRANTEE
    • Eligible for Federal Solar Tax Credit* with the addition of Solar Shades


    • Laminated LoĒ3 Glass: double-paned argon-gas-filled LoĒ3 glass that provides
    excellent energy performance for year round comfort. Plus, it includes the
    added safety of laminated glass, which building codes require for out-of-reach
    • - 10-year installation warranty, plus 20 years on glass, 10
    years on product, and 5 years on shades and controls.
    • Pre-finished white painted frames
    NO LEAK WARRANTEE -10 year hail with Clean, Quiet & Safe glass


    • Impact Glass
    • Snowload Glass
    • Copper Cladding
    • Stain Grade Wood Interior

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Product Details

VELUX Fixed Skylight - FS

    • Impact Glass
    • Snowload Glass
    • Copper Cladding
    • Stain Grade Wood Interior


Solar Powered Blinds light filtering
Optional Solar Powered Blinds light filtering

FS Skylight Sizes

FCM Size Code (W"xH") 1430 1446 2222 2230 2234 2246 2270 3030 3046 3434 3446 4622 4630 4646 4672
Inside curb (W"xH") 1412x 3012 1412 x 4612 2212x 2212 2212x 3012 2212 x 3412 2212 x 4612 2212 x 7012 3012 x 3012 3012 x 4612 3412 x 3412 3412 x 4612 4612 x 2212 4612 x 3012 4612 x 4612 4612 x 7212
Outside curb (W"xH") 1712 x 331/2 1712 x 4912 2512 x 2512 2512 x 3312 2512 x 3712 2512 x 4912 2512 x 7312 3312 x 3312 3312 x 4912 3712 x 3712 3712 x 4912 4912 x 2512 4912 x 3312 4912 x 4912 4912 x 7512
Maximum skylight clearance (W"xH") 1858 x 3458 1858 x 5058 2658 x 2658 2658 x 3458 2658 x 3858 2658 x 5058 2658 x 7458 3458 x 3458 3458 x 5058 3858 x 3858 3858 x 5058 5058 x 2658 5058 x3458 5058 x 5058 5058 x 7658

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Skylight Accessories

VELUX has a range of accessories that can compliment your skylights from blinds to manual rods.
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Maintenance Guide

We have handy guides to help you maintain and care for your skylight for years to come.
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Federal Solar Tax Credit

Find out how to be eligible for a 30% federal tax credit on both product and installation.
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Velux Warranty

We have one of the best warranties covering skylights, sun tunnels, and blinds!

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Flashing systems for FS skylights

Description Roofing material Roof pitch Product code
Step flashing w/
adhesive underlayment
Asphalt shingles,
wood shakes or slate
14°-85° EDL 0000B
Copper step flashing w/
adhesive underlayment
Asphalt shingles,
wood shakes or slate
for copper cladding only
14°-85° EDL 0100B
High profile flashing w/
adhesive underlayment
Tile 14°-85° EDW 0000A
Metal roof flashing w/
adhesive underlayment
Metal 14°-85° EDM 0000B

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Velux FS Fixed Skylight